you never forget
how someone
makes you feel

Always simple, never basic.

Illustration in gold of an envelope with flowers coming out.

messages for good

Unattached to holidays and occasions.

Illustration in gold of two hands interlocked by the pinky fingers.


Made with love & artistry.

Illustration in gold of tree full of leaves with outstretched roots.


Paper is FSC® certified.

feeling nostalgic?
Make mail cool again

Surprise someone with the real thing.

Black foil letterpress greeting card by beknown. Like 90s hip-hop, you never get old.
Greeting card on rusted table by beknown. Like 90s hip-hop, you never get old.
Black foil letterpress back of greeting card by beknown. Part of be you collection.
Light gray Euro flap envelope, beknown

Like 90s hip-hop, you never get old.

Regular price$6.50
  • Handcrafted in Portugal
  • Black foil letterpress
  • Blank inside as the canvas should be yours
  • 100% cotton FSC® certified paper
  • 4.25 x 5.5 inches 
  • Includes Euro Flap envelope (color may vary)

Part of the Be You Collection

    These cards are pure poetry.

    Nancy Fernandes
    Toronto, ONT

    I am a card connoisseur and beknown is in a class of its own.

    Jessica James
    Maplewood, NJ

    Beknown cards capture all of my feelings.

    Eliane Saint
    Boston, MA

    A card doesn't need to be overcomplicated; these messages are clean and simple.

    Markus Sebastiano
    Newburyport, MA

    These cards give me all the feels!

    Shauna Mager
    Brooklyn, NY

    Simple, elegant, and from the heart.

    Shoshana Cohen-Fraade
    New York, NY

    So many messages I want to send to the people I care about, and these cards helped me realize it!

    Ava Regal
    Bloomfield, NJ

    I’ve never seen cards that acknowledge struggle, but don’t feel sorry for the person.

    Rachel Syrop
    New York, NY
    Lisbon, Capital of Portugal coastal scene of river and surrounding buildings.


    Inspired by a life lived between cities, our cards capture the soul of Portugal's old-world artisanry and New York's edge.

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