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Dr Ronke Ikharia also known as Dr Ronx is an emergency medicine doctor working in East London, Hackney. Dr Ronx graduated from Kings College Medical School in 2011 and in 2021 celebrated a decade of life as a doctor.
Ronx identifies as a queer, trans nonbinary, intersectional feminist and uses the pronouns they/them. They are of Nigerian-British heritage which is proudly reflected in their love of Jollof rice, plantain and coffee.
“You cannot be, what you do not see” is the motto Dr Ronx lives by and in 2018 Dr Ronx joined as a presenter on the BAFTA award winning @cbbc children’s show “Operation Ouch”.

Here is an excerpt from their Letter of Pride that inspired this card:

...young people and kids GIVE ME JOY. This is a 'love letter' to kids and young people. Sounds cheesy but you are reason for my positive mental attitude, you are the reason why I am clear and unapologetic with my self identification, why I don't hide my sexuality and fiercely state my pronouns You are why I wear what I want, why I subvert societal norms and live without subscribing to gender norms.

Follow their journey @dr_ronx

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