Eliane Monteiro Saint

Lifing-It Podcast | Boston & New Jersey, USA


Message Eli Inspired: You’re a beautiful thing.

Where we met:

At a house party in Brooklyn, NY.

Tell us about you…

My mom has a saying, in Kriolu, that means ‘you’re a quiet force’. I don’t consider myself to be the loudest in any situation; I am probably the quietest. I hold myself to really high standards. I come across possibly judgmental, but I’m a softie. I’m quietly confident in my space and I think confidence is probably one of the most valuable accessories you can wear. Yes, I have days where I’m not 100% in love with myself, but I focus on showing up with confidence. I remember my grandfather used to tell me, always show up for yourself.

What big transitions have changed your life?

One of my biggest transitions was moving from another culture to America, adapting to a new lifestyle, a new country, and learning a language to survive. I had to give it my all. I think that was one of the most impactful things I went through, aside from motherhood. Then, it was moving to NYC.

I remember when I left Cape Verde to come to America, I wanted to work for a big corporation. And then, after I had my kids, my priorities changed. I didn’t have the drive I had when I first started. My love for it changed and I started focusing more on things that made me whole, and at the time, it was my kids. So much so that I left the industry for a long time before I reinvented myself and found myself working in the fitness industry, and now as a podcaster.

What do you value most and want from this life?

I would say moments. I don’t know if it’s because I’m getting older, but I find myself catching moments, being surrounded with my friends or my kids, when I leave a little spark of myself in your life, and I think to myself this is valuable beyond words.

How Eli impacted me…

She told me to go see Portugal; she said I would love it. I went alone for my 40th birthday. She met me there half way through.

She says: There was a moment where I caught you falling in love with Portugal, and you caught me catching you. It was an “I see you seeing me type of moment.” I didn’t know that a year later you would move there, but I’m so happy that I was present for that moment, as I think it was so beautiful to be in that space with you.

She told me “You’re a beautiful thing” during a difficult moment in my life. It became a card.

What Eli left me with…

I still have cards from you from back in the day. You’re now about to launch your company and I feel honored that my words to you are on a card.  I hope that you always focus on its message and highlight the beautiful side of you, because it’s immensely big and it’s the part that matters the most.

You’re a walking message.

PART II (Marisa Campbell, co-host of Lifing-It, joins the conversation.)

Tell us about your podcast…

Life is not one size fits all and this is where the beauty lies. In sharing life experiences and different perspectives, we aim to inspire growth within ourselves and others. We want you to feel like you are in the living room talking to your friends--natural and unscripted. It's all about making the most of your life regardless of your situation. Rejoicing in the perfections, embracing the imperfections, all while having a good laugh.

Why did you name it Lifing-it?

From Eli

It stemmed from the topics we wanted to talk about. For the longest time we thought that by 40 we would be at a certain point or that certain things would have been established, but personally nothing really has been established to a certain extent.

From Marisa

I grew up in a household where at a certain age you’re established, you’re done creating, you’re just going to ride it out for the rest of your life. But here I am trying to figure this stuff out…trying to see what else can be done, establishing new friendships…learning about life all over again.

How are the conversations organized?

Nothing is really scripted. The podcast is about us sharing topics that we are passionate about, but also being vulnerable and letting folks know that we don’t have the answers. It’s all about stepping back and being reintroduced to yourself, figuring out who you are and what you really want, without feeling obligated.

How do you want to beknown?

We hope to make a connection with someone out there who may be able to identify with our stories. We want people to know that it’s going to be okay. We want to open the curtains and rip things back, so people can see these are two authentic people who have taken chances, who are sort of going against the grain, and they are fine.



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