Emma Nathan | TELL(h)ER

Lisbon, Portugal

Words by Emma | Extraordinary ordinary. That's you.

What does being part of the Teller Community mean to you?

The Teller Community is a safe creative space where I feel seen, heard, and valued.

Why did you submit this particular message? There's always a story behind our writing, what is yours?

This originated out of some deep soul searching and a moment of radical self-love. "Extraordinary ordinary" is also the title of my documentary style photography collection.

Who would benefit from receiving this message?

All of us. And those who need that extra reminder of how bright their light is.

Are you an aspiring writer, poet, or artist?

I am a published, (yet still aspiring) poet and writer. Members of the Teller Community brought the contest into my awareness moments before it was closing and I felt called to submit an entry. Some words had just found their way out of me onto the page, which I adapted to fit the feel of beknown.

How do you want to beknown?

For sharing words that meet people where they are, and maybe move them.

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