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Lady Phyll (full name Phyllis Akua Opoku-Gyimah) is known for her trailblazing work on racial equality and queer activism.   She is one of the UK’s most prominent lesbian activists and is the co-founder of UK Black Pride, one of Europe’s largest events for QTIPOC (queer, trans and intersex people of colour).

Lady Phyll is also the executive director of human rights charity Kaleidoscope Trust and has previously worked within the Trade Union Congress (TUC) advocating for workers’ rights. 

Lady Phyll has spent much of her life addressing, and speaking out against, the intersection of racism and homophobia, tirelessly raising awareness of the experience of her community. 

In 2016, Lady Phyll publicly turned down an MBE for her activism, citing the toxic legacy of British colonialism which has led to laws criminalizing gender diversity and outlawing gay relationships across the world.

Here is an excerpt from her Letter of Pride that inspired this card:

How much more enchanting will the world be when all of us, no matter our race, class, gender and sexuality are able to pursue with abandon that which lights us up? hope for you is that you fiercely protect and defend your imaginations.

Always know that I am rooting for you, both in action and spirit. You are one brave soul among a legion of brave souls, descended by blood and essence from some of the bravest souls the world has ever known. Go forth knowing that you are a marvel of evidence of a collective and imaginative effort. You are my kin.

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