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North Carolina, United States

Words by Mary Christine Parks | For you, I'd stay up past 9.

What does being part of the Teller Community mean to you?

This community has been one of the most formative features of my life over the past 2 years. The relationships and friendships I have made have kept me grounded and pushed me to grow. The community has helped me find my voice, shape it, and has given me the courage to share it. Bearing witness to the stories of the women of TELL(h)ER has been such a gift.

Why did you submit this particular message? There's always a story behind our writing, what is yours?

As a mom of 3 (12, 11, and 5) who also works full time as a psychotherapist, my evenings are precious. They are also not what you would call exciting. I am typically nearing, if not in my bed by 9. This message is meant to convey the value I hold for its recipient with a lotta truth and a little humor.

Who would benefit from receiving this message?

This message would benefit anyone who has that friend. The friend that always prefers to stay in. The friend that you sometimes feel is too busy for you. Anyone who needs to be reminded of their value.

Are you an aspiring writer, poet, or artist?

I am currently working on a memoir concerning my life as a psychotherapist, mother, person in pandemic. I also enjoy writing poetry and I have 2 novels that have been started and are sitting on the back burner for a while. I am a contributor to Insight Timer, where I have published many children's bedtime stories and mindfulness practices for people of any age. I entered the contest because I love your mission. Our world is in so much pain and these cards bring light. I wanted to be a part of that lightening. 

If you had to leave me with something about you, that makes you different, unique, special, what would it be? 

I am fierce and relentless in my love and support of others. I love challenging myself to always be learning. I don't mind being uncomfortable or in pain if it means I am growing and becoming a better version of myself and I know how to manage this pain and discomfort by honoring and loving myself through it.

How do you want to beknown?

I want to beknown as a person who tries. A person who has the difficult conversations. A person that holds space for others and amplifies the voices of those who are not being heard.

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