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 Indiana, United States

Words by Mary Kaplan | Me and you...we have a thing.

What does being part of the Teller Community mean to you?

It truly has been life changing for me. Just by being a part of such an inspiring community I have learned that what I think and feel has relevance. That I can create something for more than just myself. I am part of something with an amazing community who wants the same thing, love and understanding. 

Why did you submit this particular message? There's always a story behind our writing, what is yours?

Well, my 9 year old daughter, Rosaleigh, actually she was 8 at the time, was working on a school project all about penguins. It was an in-school project they were working on in class. The kids all had to make posters about their chosen topic. And at the end of it each student had to present in front of the class, their project. Well, the day of Rosey's presentation she asked me to print off a penguin at home so she could add it to her poster. So I did. But, I forgot to grab it from our home printer to put into her folder. And when I picked her up from school on presentation day, I told her sorry I had forgotten to send it with her. And she said, "that's ok I printed one at school". I looked at her school printed penguin, and said "no way!" Of all the different types of penguins that come up in a Google search...we both picked the same penguin to print out!" So, as we were driving one-liner came out of my mouth while chatting with my girl... "Me and you...We have a thing" along with a lil peace sign-like gesture pointing to her. It was definitely a very special moment I will carry with me in my heart forever!!

Who would benefit from receiving this message?

Anyone that wants to convey that indescribable feeling of synchronization they may feel with another human being.

Are you an aspiring writer, poet, or artist?

Writing poetry has been a pivotal way to help me process my emotions in a healthy manner. This contest was definitely a no-brainer. To keep me aiming for something. I actually am in the process of figuring out what I even want to do with writing, practically speaking. I'm a mom of three, 12 and under. So, that's quite a challenge in and of itself. I've dedicated my life to staying home with them. And writing is easy for me to do when I'm caring for them daily. Well, the wheels started turning for me, to think about looking into how can I write and help with supporting my family. One idea, was possibly freelancing for greeting card companies...then your lovely contest was announced and I thought, why not. And I always like to play little games with the universe. I told myself, if this "one-liner" makes it in, I would get myself organized and submit more pieces to different outlets. So, now that is an aspiration. But, it may have to wait a little bit. Our eldest son, Jonah, was just diagnosed with leukemia. So, for now, I will continue to write when I can in the quiet moments. And allowing my emotions to process without putting lots of pressure on myself. Letting what is meant to be to happen. We must fight a bigger fight right now. My writing will always be right here with me.

If you had to leave me with something about you, that makes you different, unique, special, what would it be? 

I'm very sentimental. I love to find meaning in everything. The "meaning" is the juice of life.

How do you want to beknown?

That I helped, even just a little bit. Helped make whatever transition or situation just a little better. 

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