our first collaboration

beknown as a teller

Writers from the @tellherco community submitted a simple, one line message for good. 8 winners are featured in this special collection, the first of its kind.

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THANK YOU to all of the @tellherco participants + CONGRATULATIONS to our winners.

the winners!

Extraordinary ordinary. That's you.

Emma Nathan
Lisbon, Portugal

I'd go anywhere with you.

Alexandra D'Sa
London, United Kingdom

Butterflies. That's what you give me.

Tracey Tollison
Georgia, USA

Me and YOU...we have a THING.

Mary Kaplan
Indiana, USA

What if...

Cindy Benko
Simcoe, Ontario

Here's to the oddballs and misfits, the artists and dreamers.

Florence Niven
Kingston, Ontario, Canada

For YOU, I'd stay up past 9.

Mary Christine Parks
North Carolina, USA

I see you.

Jill Yancey
South Carolina, USA