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The Blochaus Art Gallery specializes in Contemporary ART. They also curate experiences with the goal of bringing people together to connect.
74 Water Street | Newburyport, MA 01950

Saudade Toronto celebrates Portuguese design and artisanal traditions. Saudade {Portuguese} (n.) A sentimental yearning for a former person, place, or thing.
Little Portugal | 1191 Dundas Street West, Toronto, ONT M6J 1X3
Union Station | 65 Front Street West, Toronto, ONT M5J 1E6

Salt & Light is a cafe and boutique that promotes food and fashion, partnering with local businesses and ethical artisans across the country.
159 Main Street | Groton, MA 01450

Clube Caffeine is an independent coffee bar and vinyl record concept store. It's creator, Bert, not only makes great coffee, but also hosts curated music events.
Anjos | Rua Jacinta Marta 6 | 1150-191 Lisboa, Portugal

FACETS is a creative boutique featuring a selection of unique artisan gifts and custom jewelry.
30A Hollis Street | Groton, MA 01450 | USA

Sustainable concept store, eco-friendly hairstudio (adults and children) & specialty coffee corner in Campo de Ourique. | R. 4 de Infantaria 53C, 1350-243 Lisboa, Portugal

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